Reverse Steer Jeep Driving

Yes, Reverse Steer 4x4 Driving really is as daft as it sounds...  When you turn the steering wheel to the left, the jeep goes to the right and when you turn to the right, the jeep goes to the left!!  Reverse Steer Driving is guaranteed to cause a lot of laughs!!

We now have a brand new Reverse Steer Jeep for hire with a steering column that can change back to normal to allow the 4x4 to be used for Blindfold 4x4 Driving in under 5 seconds.  Therefore you can hire just the 1 vehicle, but use it for 2 activities which is perfect for low budget events or those smaller events with a lower number of participants.

Reverse Steer Driving

Our Reverse Steer Jeep Driving is based out of Sussex but available to hire for events throughout the Southeast and further afield, regularly attending events in Kent, Surrey, London, Essex, Berkshire, Hampshire and Hertfordshire.  Its a firm favourite for use on Corporate Multi Activity and Away Days.

Reverse Steer Driving Hire



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